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Count Words and Characters In A Sentence using Our Free Word Counter Online Tool

Word Counter Online

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What does our word counter online tool do?

The word counter tool by Slick Seo Tools is a powerfull little tool used to count words and count characters.

Writers and bloggers can make use of our free word counter tool to quickly check the number of words or characters that have been used in their sentences, blogs, essays, etc.

How to use our word counter online tool?

Our word counter tool is easy and intuitive. Just start writing your words or sentences in the area provided. You can use sentences and paragraphs or a mix of these two as well. When you have finished typing, you can then click on the calculate button.

Our tool will then accurately calculate the number of words and the number of characters used in the text.

Alternatively, you can paste any text into the textbox and click the calculate button, and the word counter tool will display the word count and the character count on the screen.