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Sort Numbers In Excel

Sort A List Of Numbers In Excel In Ascending and Descending Order

Sometimes you need to sort numbers in ascending and descending order and this can be a small list which you can sort manually yourself, but what if the list is huge? 100's of numbers in the list or even more 1000's of numbers?

In such a scenario, you would need some kind of a tool that sorts these numbers.

You may find a tool online and you can copy paste the numbers to a tool and get a sorted value from it.

But, an easy way to do this without any special tool is to use Microsoft Excel and sort numbers.

Let's look at a few ways how we can do that in excel.

How To Sort Numbers In Excel Using Sort Functionality In Excel?

To sort numbers in excel using the sort functionality, let's first generate some numbers in excel in the first column (or any other column for that matter)

The list looks like this below:

Let's see this in action.

Sort numbers in excel

Now let's see how we can use the Sorting button to sort these numbers.

Select the column that has the list of numbers as shown in the image.

With the column selected (column A in this example)

Go to Data Tab and click on the Sort button

Sort numbers in excel

When you click on the Sort Button, you will get this model box where it shows your selection of the column and the order of the sorting

sorting numbers in excel

After selecting the order in which you want to sort the numbers (Smallest to largest i.e. Ascending or largest to smallest i.e. Descending), click the Ok Button to sort the selected list.

The new sorted list (in ascending order) of numbers looks like this:

sorting numbers in excel