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Age Calculator Excel - Calculate Age Of A Person Using Excel Formula

Calculate Age Of A Person Using Excel Formula

Guessing a date is easy, but then guessing a random date in between two dates can do some thinking. Well, we can take that thinking away.

There are so many times when you have to get a random date for a project or a coding solution or somewhere else for a demo. There are a lot of tools available to get the random date online but what if you have to get it in excel?

Luckily, excel provides a way to randomly choose a unique date from a date range.

That's right! Excel provides a RANDBETWEEN function out of the box. Let's see how this function works.


How To Generate Random Date Between Two Dates In Excel Using RANDBETWEEN Formula

The RANDBETWEEN function takes two arguements. To find a random date in a date range, the two arguements for the RANDBETWEEN function will be the two dates.

The RANDBETWEEN function then gives a random date between these two dates provided. Have a look at the example below:

random date generator excel

In this example, we will find a random date between 15-October-1983 and 30-October-1984.

So, the random date generator function in excel would look something like below:

=RANDBETWEEN(DATE(1983,10,15), DATE(1984,10,30))

This will result in a random date.

random date generator excel

A random date has been generated by the RANDBETWEEN function. But this is not human readable at the moment. So let's convert this column to a date column. This example uses Google sheets but Microsoft excel does the same thing.

random date generator excel

Summary Of Random Date Generator In Google Sheets And Microsoft Excel

Here's a quick snapshot

  • Use the RANDBETWEEN function in google sheets and excel
  • This function takes two arguements, a smaller value and a bigger value
  • In this random date generator method, we will provide the RANDBETWEEN method with two dates, a smaller date and a bigger date. So, it's a date range and the formula will give us a random date between this date range.
  • Make sure that the column is formatted as a date in order to display the result properly.