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What are Meta Tags?

Meta elements are tags used in HTMl documents to provide structured metadata information about a web page.

This metadata information is not actually visible on the web page itself but these valuable Meta Tags are read by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Meta tags in a website looks like these

Meta Tag Description Screenshot

Why do you need Meta Tags?

Meta tag elements provide metadata information about the page and the website. This information is collected by search engine crawlers or search engine bots so that they can correctly categorize the pages and show the results when a user searches for similar information or keyword.

When the search engine bots have then collected all the meta data information about the website page, they then rank the website for a particular keyword and display it to users. Search engines use a lot of other factors as well to rank a website to a keyword but meta tag plays a big role for on page SEO.

The Title Meta Tag

According to Moz, "Title tags are the second most important on-page factor for SEO, after content"

The title meta tag is describe what the page is all about. This information is key to categorize the web page by search bots.

It's a good practice to include your primary keyword in the title meta tag.

It's a good practice not to stuff the title meta tag with just the keywords. This should make a nice readable title that conveys what the website is all about.

Title meta tag is used by search engines as a title in the search result that is shown to the users. A good title makes sure that users click on the search result thus increasing the click-through rate and thereby increasing the SEO.

The Description Meta Tag

The description meta tag is used by most search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The description meta tag provides a brief about the website page.

This is also displayed in the search results. So a descriptive description meta tag allows users to read through the web page's content in 2 lines and then they may click on it. This increases the click-through rate and search engines then know that this is valuable content and promote your web page for the relevant keyword.'

The Keywords Meta Tag

If you want to know if the keyword meta tag is of any benefit or not, a simple answer is no. Its value in today's time is almost close to none.

How To Use Meta Tags

Use our free Meta Tag Generator tool to create yourself the meta tags you need for your website page.

Meta tags should be unique for every web page you want to rank for in search results.

When you have entered the title, description and keywords in our meta tag generator tool, copy these and paste these in the 'head' element of the website.

Make sure if you have different web pages that you want to rank for different keywords, the meta tags should be unique for all the pages. So dynamically changing the meta tags make sense.

How Does A Search Result Look Like In Google After Adding Meta Tags?

You must have seen this alot, but might have never noticed it.

A simple search on Google shows the search result of Slick SEO tools. We can see the Website URL, the title meta tag and the description meta tag in the search result

A good meta title and meta description tag would leave a positive impact on the user looking at it and might want to click on it.