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GST Calculator NZ (New Zealand)

Calculate Goods And Services Tax For New Zealand

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What Is GST?

GST stands for Goods and Service Tax. In New Zealand GST is charged at 15%.

The prices on goods and services in New Zealand are mostly including the GST component unless they are stated otherwise.

How Do You Calculate GST in New Zealand?

Calculating GST for New Zealand (NZ) is really easy. The GST component as stated above is 15%.

To calculate the GST, use this formula

GST Component = 15% * Net Amount


GST Component = (New Amount * 15) / 100

Let's see this in an example. Let's say you are purchasing a mobile phone worth $500 (excluding the GST Amount). The total amount that you will have to pay to the business or online shop would be ($500 * 15)/ 100 = $515

Reverse Calculating GST

Sometimes you might have to calculate the amount of a comodity or a service to which GST has already been applied. How do you calculate that?

Again, it's very simple.

We just saw the formula to calculate the GST amount, so we will use the same formula to calculate the GST component and then subtract the GST component from the Gross Amount.

Example, The laptop that you purchased online costed you $1500 (Including GST),

The Amount without the GST component would be as below:

Amount Without GST = Amount With GST / 1.15

So, this will be,

Amount Without GSt = $1500 / 1.15 = $1304.35

And the GST Component will be = Amount With GST - Amount Without GST

GST Component for this example = $1500 - $1304.35 = $195.65

GST Formula NZ (Summary)

Amount With GST = Amount Without GST + (Amount Without GST * 0.15)

GST Reverse Formula NZ (Summary)

Amount Without GST = Amount Without GST / 1.15