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What Is Equity?

Home equity is the difference between the home's market value at that time and the outstanding balance of all loans on the property.

The equity on a property or a house increases when a home owner starts paying off the home loan.

And, the equity on a property or a home also increases when there is a boost in the housing market and the price of the house increases.

Home equity is sometimes also called Real property value

Home equity is not liquid. Home equity management refers to the process of using equity extraction via loans, at favorable, and often tax-favored, interest rates, to invest otherwise illiquid equity in a target that offers higher returns

How Do I Calculate My Equity?

Calculating your house equity is really simple.

Use our equity calculator tool by entering 2 simple numbers.

In the first text box, enter the aproximate value of your house.

In the second text box, enter the outstanding loan (if any) that exists on the house.

Click on the 'Calculate Equity' button and your total equity result will be displayed just below the button.

How Is Equity Calculated?

Calculating the equity is really simple,

Total Equity = Total Value Of House - Outstanding Loan Amount On House

How Much Equity Do I Have And How Much Can I Use?

We have just seen that calculating the total equity is really easy. Just use our tool or do it yourself using the above formula.

The result that comes out of this is called total equity.

But can you use all this money and buy another property? Well, the answer is maybe. It all depends on LVR. LVR stands for Loan to Value Ratio and is a percentage.

LVR is used to calculate what your usable equity would be.

In some countries like New Zealand, LVR is 80% where as it could be totally different in some other country.