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.sample { /*paste your css here*/ }
Valid CSS

What Is a CSS and why do we need CSS files?

As per Wikipedia CSS stands for 'Cascading Style Sheets' and is a stylesheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language such as HTML.

CSS is designed to enable the separation of presentation and content, including layout, colors, and fonts. This separation can improve content accessibility, provide more flexibility and control in the specification of presentation characteristics, enable multiple web pages to share formatting by specifying the relevant CSS in a separate .css file which reduces complexity and repetition in the structural content as well as enabling the .css file to be cached to improve the page load speed between the pages that share the file and its formatting.

Minify CSS - What Is a CSS Minifier Tool and Why do we need to Minify CSS?

As we just read above, CSS is a way of giving presentation to the HTML code. Now if you are starting out and creating CSS for a new website, the CSS code and file would be very small, may be in bytes. But as soon as your website grows to a big organizational level website, the CSS code get's huge. The CSS files may be in hundreds of Kilobytes. When a website loads it pulls the css files over the internet.

If the size of the CSS file is small, the loading would not take much time and the website will load quickly, but if the size of the CSS is bigger, the website may be slower to load depending on the spped of the internet of the user.

In order to decrease the size of these CSS files, we follow a process called CSS Minification. Minifying CSS files or code would mean to keep all the code intact, still reducing the size of the files by removing all the white spaces from the CSS code. When we minify css files, we greatly reduce the size of the css file and thereby decreasing the website loading time.

The below image shows you the difference in size between an unminified CSS file and a CSS minified file.

Minified CSS File Vs Unminified CSS File

CSS Beautifier and CSS Pretty Print - The CSS Formatter Tool By Slick SEO Tools

Slick SEO Tools provides a 100% free and efficient CSS Prettify tool. Our CSS Pretty tool formats your CSS in a structured and a readable way. With a default of 1 tab space, our tool is highly customizable.

By using our CSS Beautifier, you can also read in a proper formatted way, the CSS of other websites. As most of the websites minify their CSS, you would need our CSS Pretty Print Online Tool to format their CSS. Leave the heavy lifting to us.

Just paste the unformatted CSS into the area provided, and click on the CSS Beautifier button and see the magic happen.

Copy the clean formatted CSS from our text editor and use it in your website.

CSS Validator Tool Online - The CSS Validator Tool By Slick SEO Tools

This all in one CSS Tool can be used as a CSS Validator as well. It can be an uncommon usage, but our tool is really effective to bring out any errors from your CSS so that you can correct them with ease.

Our efficient CSS Validator tool can easily find all the problems in your CSS file and we write all these errors on the screen for you.

These are listed point by point so that you can correct all the errors in your CSS file.