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Age Calculator For Dogs

Calculate Age Of Your Dog Based On Human Years

Select Your Dog's Size And It's Age From The Below Calculator

Small Dog
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20 lbs or less

Medium Dog
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21 lbs to 50 lbs

Large Dog
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51 lbs to 100 lbs

Extra Large Dog
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100+ lbs

How Does The Age Calculator For Dogs Work?

From old times, it has been believed that one dog year is the equivalent of 7 human years.

This formula has been out for a long time and although it can give you an aproximate result it's not accurate.

Calculating the dog's age to human years is much more complicated than that and it's studies that tells us that the size of the dog is a key factor for guessing the age of the dog in human years.

For example, large dogs have lesser lifespan than smaller dogs.

How To Calculate Dog Years To Human Years?

Studies suggest that the first year of a medium-size dog is equivalent to 15 human years.

Year two for a dog is about 9 human years and every year after that is aproximately five (5) human years.

How To Use Our Age Calculator For Dogs Online Tool?

Our Dog Age Calculator tool considers many factors and studies before giving the dog age in human years. Our tool is very easy to use and it takes out the guess work or any calculations.

As a first step, select the size of your dog.

We have four categories listed, small sized dog, medium size dog, large size dog and extra large size dog.

Select the dog size that matches your dog.

Then, from the dropdown, select the age of your dog.

Then, click the calculate dog age button and we will give you the dog age in human years result just below the button.

it's that easy.